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Free Rice - Learn things that you always wanted to know while you play this quiz game donating rice to hungry people with each correct answer.  FREE EDUCATION FOR ALL: Subjects include Foreign Languages, Geography, Human Anatomy, SAT preparation, Humanities, Chemistry, English Vocabulary/Grammar, or Math.  Incorrect answers are tutored and repeated until they're gotten right.

Trivia Game for Environment

UNICEF Rebuild Chile Game


Free Donate-per-Click

Lists of charities and agencies that receive money from sponsors every time that you click:

Hunger & Poverty





Polish Hunger Site

Food for Hungry in India

Donate Bread (Click stylized Loaf)


Hunger in Brazil




Cambodian Education


Chinese Books & More







Donate Mammograms (Brazil, left side - pink rectangular button)

Fight Cancer

Polish Charities Fill in Puzzle Pixels - 3 Causes


Polish Hearts


Mexican Child's Hospital




New York Charities (No Click, just access page)


Charities in Japan







Solar Energy

Clean Your Country

Plant Trees Neutralize CO2

Plant Trees- Niagara

Plant an Oak Tree

Forest Watch (Click STOP)

Ecology Fund (Many Clicks)


A Click for the Forest (Sweden - button beside Counter)


Brother Earth (One click per visit)




Donate Pet Foods & Cat Litter (Answer Trivia Questions)



Dog Food (Click metal bowl)



Help Multiple Animals



Animal Causes



Shelter Dogs Poland



Feed Big Cats



Barking Mad Click 4 times daily








Multiple Cause Sites

Last updated October 30, 2018

Pay Per Search Engines

Searches save Rainforest
Searches donate to charities of your choice (UK charities)
Search & Shopping donate to charities of your choice (US Charities)

Material Charity       Love Unlimited

Trendrils News Aggregator - Proceeds to M.S.


Free:     University of the People


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