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    Play the game and sponsors donate the prize:

Free Rice - Learn things that you always wanted to know while you play this quiz game donating rice to hungry people with each correct answer.  FREE EDUCATION FOR ALL: Subjects include Foreign Languages, Geography, Human Anatomy, SAT preparation, Humanities, Chemistry, English Vocabulary/Grammar, or Math.  Incorrect answers are tutored and repeated until they're gotten right.

Trivia Game for Environment

UNICEF Rebuild Chile Game




Free Donate-per-Click

Lists of charities and agencies that receive money from sponsors every time that you click:

Hunger & Poverty




Polish Hunger Site

Food for Hungry in India

Hungry Children

Donate Bread (Click Loaf)

Hunger in Brazil




New York Charities (No Click, just access page)


Charities in Japan



Donate Mammograms (Brazil, left side - pink button)

Fight Cancer

Teen Suicide (Listen to Music)


Polish Charities Fill in Puzzle Pixels - 3 Causes


Polish Hearts


Mexican Child's Hospital


Japanese Suicide Prevention (Banner under children)





Solar Energy

Clean Your Country

Plant Trees Neutralize CO2

Plant Trees- Niagara

Plant an Oak Tree

Forest Watch (Click STOP)

Ecology Fund (Many Clicks)


A Click for the Forest (Sweden - button beside Counter)


Brother Earth (One click per visit)






Donate Pet Foods & Cat Litter (Answer Trivia Questions)


Dog Food (Click green bowl)


Help Multiple Animals


Animal Causes


Shelter Dogs Poland


Feed Big Cats


Barking Mad Click 4 times daily


Actu Animaux Click 5 Times.  Then watch video further down. 





Polish Treasure Chest


Cambodian Education


Chinese Books & More

Click 2 = Anti Abortion book  Click 5 = "India Donated Evil Book?!"




Two Wings  Education & Projects (mid right side)






Multiple Cause Sites

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Pay Per Search Engines

Searches save Rainforest
Searches donate to charities of your choice (UK charities)
Search & Shopping donate to charities of your choice (US Charities)

Material Charity       Love Unlimited

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