Brilliant  Things

Inspired by the play 'Every Brilliant Thing'

written by Duncan Macmillan


Ice Cream

Water fights     Ludibund



Cafe Conversations  -  Cafés, once, when considered sources of intrigue, were prohibited in France. Frederick the Great of Prussia, too, wanted to make coffee out-of-bounds in order to encourage his subjects to drink more beer and keep the money from leaving the country. The British, on the other hand, embraced the sowing of the bean in cafes as good for business. Cafés were called “Penny Universities” for all that you could learn from the conversations therein for the cost of a one-penny cup. Lloyd’s of London was once a café that started ensuring seafaring cargos as a sideline. The London Stock Exchange too started as a café.

Sitting warmly indoors on  a rainy night

Sunshine     Summer Vocabulary

Love itself     All the Love in the World

Awe     The Positive Emotions


Positive Abstract Nouns

Nostalgia     Retrophilia

A loving spouse     Sponsal

Potato chips

Strawberries     Sapid


Sections of orange

Fresh air

Wiggling toes

Joy itself     Jubilance     The Positive Emotions

Anticipation     Proleptic

Inspiration     Hortative


Sex    Sexy Romantic Vocabulary     Meracious

A scratched itch

Creative work

The Beach     Summer Vocabulary

A tall cool glass of ice water on a parched throat     Potable



Baby animals



A fresh thick snowfall on a cozy restful day.

Cold fresh air on a sunny Autumn day resplendent in colourful fiery tree leaves

Budding Spring     Spring & Easter Vocabulary


Your favourite music     Positive Musical Terms

My Favorite Things

- Julie Andrews


Raindrops on roses

And whiskers on kittens

Bright copper kettles and warm woollen mittens

Brown paper packages tied up with strings

These are a few of my favorite things


Cream-colored ponies and crisp apple strudels

Doorbells and sleigh bells

And schnitzel with noodles

Wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings

These are a few of my favorite things...


Women     Muliebral      Philogynist      Positive Words about Women

Mothers  See     Words about mom for an insightful understanding.



Nourishment     Nutrimental





Beautiful stylish cars     Proto


Black panthers

The democratization of energy

Solar power

A dark rum Cuba Libre' (Rum/Coke/Lime)

Visiting Gardens     Anthophilous     Sative


Love of every living thing     Biophilia

Love of everything; living or not.     Unlimited Love     Agapeistic

Flying     Volant

Dreams of Flying     Oneiric

Watching colour blind people see colour for the first time. Video and Confelicity

To many this is like the fulfillment of a longing for, or unfulfilled belonging to, the God within. Expergefacient

Watching soldiers come home to surprise their loved ones.

Sharing the best of what you have.

Barbecues on the back deck.

Your favourite restaurant.     Sapid     See Positive Food and Drink Words on the Thank-you Page

Vacations     Insouciant

Holidays     Traditive

Christmas    Christmas Words

New things    Neoteric     Neologisms      Aperitive

Massages     Demulcent     Utile Dulci     Glabrous


A Good Movie

Positive Personal Nouns (Good types of people)



Laughter     Ridibund

Personal positive attributes     Positive Adjectives

Doing something really well

Jogging along forest trails

Helping someone you love

Loving increasingly more people and things    Unlimited Love

Feeling happy    The Positive Emotions

Making someone/people laugh     Confelicitous

Liking something enough to cheer.     Cheers

A blue sky

The concept of an empyreal Heaven     Empyreal     Paradisiacal   

Loved ones


The knowledge that, in a reincarnate universe with Universal Laws, only good lasts



Hearing someone say "I love you" knowing that they truly mean it

Saying "I love you" and truly meaning it     In many languages

Walking barefoot in green grass

The knowledge that there are many more broadly pervasive "Loves" than there are English words for them.

A warm fireplace when you've been chilled

A cool breeze on a hot day

A cold ice tea, or beer, on a hot day

Wet sand oozing between your toes and walking in the surf

The smell of bacon.     Redolent

The smell of a freshly plucked tomato

The smell of a lightly perfumed neck

The smell of cut grass

Turkey dinner on Thanksgiving/Christmas     Thanksgiving Words

Sharing Champagne     Scintillant

Fireworks     Cheers

Wine     Oenophile


Beauty itself

Excellence itself




Fresh Fruit

Really good coffee

The moon

The stars

The thought of taking all the love that has ever existed, and all of it that will ever exist, in every dimension, and multiplying it by ten, then by a hundred, and then turning it into ten billion supernovae going off forever     Unlimited Love

Coming across uncommon wild animals in the wild

Feeling an entire room elevate to a happy partying atmosphere

Hearing laughter start in a restaurant and hearing it slowly spread around the room

Hearing thousands of people at a concert singing together at once

My team winning


A good read

Festivals    Festal




Good insightful comedy     Funny Definitions


Reading to someone


The knowledge that "Rain is the Stuff of Life"     Pluviophile

Success  "Quapla!" in Klingon

Seeing 'the Good Guys' win


Random Acts of Kindness


The view from mountain tops


Knowing that the sun is always shining even though you can't see it

The new young diverse female U.S. Democratic House of Representatives (Jan. 2019)


Having exercised



Helping someone     Eleemosynary      Caritas      Condolatory  

Running, arms outstretched, with swallows

Successfully analysing other people's dreams

Truth     Amen!


Weekends at a Ski Resort

German pubs     German/English Positive Adjectives      Germanophile

Swimming, for a few seconds, in glacier-fed waters

Attending Expo 86

Attending the Olympics


Being a the 'Life-of-the-party' on at least two occasions.


Writing a well-turned phrase

The great city and National Art galleries and museums of the world.

The twice 2000-8000 people who are uplifted by these Positive Word Lists daily. (January 2019)

Turkey bacon

The exotic medinas of Morocco including in Casa Blanca     Arabic Positive Adjectives      Mabsoot

Wrapped Presents

Christmas     Christmas Words

The feel of your children's hugs

The sound of your children laughing together     Rapport

The sight of your children singing together

The home energy during/after a family gathering

A long walk through the forest     Nemophilist

The smell of toast and tea

The smell of borscht and bread

A black and red checked thermos full of a hot libation     Wassail

Laughing hysterically with friends     Ludibund     Rident     Confelicitous     Riant     Risorial     Ridibund     Ludic          

Receiving a standing ovation

Being mobbed by children

Walking in silly styles


Hot dogs, pop, and potato chips


Gardening and watching it grow    Anthophilous     Sative

Smelling flowers especially roses

Watching birds fly

Watching nature     Nemophile

Hugging a horse     Hippophilia

Coming home to a pet

Coming home     The Christmas Way Home      "Om"

Walking into a room and having people's faces light up because you are there

Listening to Stringed instruments     Positive Musical Terms

Listening to nothing     LISTEN is and anagram of SILENT

Seeing one's beauty     Amour-propre

Being warm

The sensation of floating on your back completely relaxed


Swimming in lakes

Running chest-deep in water in a lake

Reading in funny voices

Laughing with Mom     Mom words

Sparkly things     Glistering     Coruscant     Scintillescent     Scintillant     Clinquant     Rutilant


Old stuff

The smell of books

A day of crafting

Antique fairs

Dancing in the kitchen 

The natural elfin quality of Art Nouveau artefacts

Sunsets      Crepuscular

Dawn     Auroral


Celebrating Birthdays     Happy Birthday Adjectives

The still dark mood of Night     Crepuscular     Nocturne      Noctiflorous      Lambent


The sound of the word "Purple"

Gramercy     Gramercy