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"We're currently working with a Fortune 50 Company to develop this (elevator) application."  - Terry Copeland, Conference Call: Altair Nanotechnologies Fiscal Year End 2010 Financial Results Feb 24, 2011 (Timecode:13:50) 

"Today the Otis Elevator Company, now a subsidiary of United Technologies Corporation, is the world's largest manufacturer of vertical transport systems." - Wikipedia

United Technologies Corporation/Otis is a Fortune 50 company.

"Drive train manufacturers like Eaton, Allison and BAE Systems and Cummins offer an opportunity for system integration as well for trucks and busses."  - Terry Copeland, Conference Call: Altair Nanotechnologies Fiscal Year End 2010 Financial Results Feb 24, 2011 (Timecode:12:43) 

The Energy Storage System (ESS) Sales Pipeline

Latin America – 80 MW
Alaska and Island Grids – 20 MW
US – PJM and New York ISO – 60 MW
Hawaii and Caribbean – 20 MW

                            - Presentation – page 9

Partnerships & Prospects

Each link below leads to further Information regarding the Altairnano relationship.

Aeronvironment    AES Energy    AEP    The U.S. Department of Defense    BAE Systems     Proterra    Daimler    LUT   Electric RaceAbout    EnergyCS    NV Energy    Lightning Car Company     Humvee    Bluways USA Inc. (formerly ISE Corp.)    Phoenix Cars    EBus Inc.    Canberra Garbage Truck    Lockheed Martin    Northern Power

    Press Release:  Altairnano Selected by Hawai's Natural Energy Institute for Wind Energy Integration Demonstration Project.  One Megawatt ALTI-ESS System Will Be Installed at Hawi on Hawai'i's Big Island.

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Altairnano's Cell Technology

"...not a good application for a consumer EV because of the energy density however because of the long cycle life and the long calendar life combined we find exceptional value in the transportation market in busses,..."   - Jeff Yambrick, Altairnano Business Development Manager, Lithium Mobile Power Presentation, Dec. 8-9, 2008

Other Relationships:

NAATBaat - Altair Nanotechnologies is a founding member of The National Alliance for Advanced Transportation Batteries (NAATBatt).  This is a cooperative comprised of more than 50 corporations, associations and research institutions is dedicated to making the United States a world leader in the manufacture of advanced lithium-ion (Li-Ion) battery cells for transportation applications.

U.S. Battery Company Alliance - 14 U.S. companies with expertise in batteries and advanced materials, including Altairnano, have formed an alliance with a government laboratory.  They're seeking federal funding just like the Defense Advanced Battery Manufacturing Coalition (DABMC) of which Altairnano is also a member.

Swiss company Opbrid is touting Altairnano batteries for use with their rapid charger for busses.

The Russian company Interbat features this Altairnano specification sheet for the ESS on their website.

UQM - Supplies highly efficient electric motors for the U.S. Air Force.  Like Aeronvironment they had a relationship with Air Force vehicles before Altairnano was invited to the table.

"Generation III Georgetown FCB. The successful bidder for the current Generation III Georgetown Fuel Cell hybrid bus was . This FCB effort is funded by FTA, EPRI, US Army TARDEC and other industry and university partners. 

Electric Vehicle America (EVA) 100, a small retrofitter and integrator of hybrid electric drives, will use a Ballard methanol FC stack with on-board reformer, in a series drive train with an ALTAIRNANO LITHIUM-ION TITANATE BATTERY AND ASSOCIATED BMS. A 600 V battery pack consisting of 50 modules will be placed in the back of the bus, and actively cooled. - DOT Document Page 78


Kokam - This Korean battery manufacturer produces Altairnano's cells.  An unusual early mention of an alliance was found in a  news article about the Phoenix SUT on the White House lawn  that includes "batteries from Altairnano/Kokam"  where the original article only mentioned Altairnano.  Dow Kokam may be involved with Altairnano's Gen II Cell Technology.

Amperex Technology Ltd. (ATL), wholly owned by TDK, announced a joint development agreement to accelerate the commercialization of next generation high-performance lithium-titanate battery cells in this press release of May 18, 2009

The Middle East

     Yousuf Habib Al Yousuf established Dubai Electricity in the 1950s and, among other things, Al Yousuf LLC operates AL Yousuf Motors and Advantage Certified Cars.  AL Yousuf Motors and ZAP are involved in a new electric and hybrid vehicle  joint venture in Shanghai, China.  AL Yousuf Motors currently distributes motor vehicles including those of Daihatsu Motors, Suzuki motorcycles, Chevrolet, Buick and Daewoo in a branch network across the UAE.  Al Yousuf LLC is the parent company of Advantage Taxi launched in August of 2005.  Advantage Certified Cars sells pre-owned GM cars no older than 5 years old. 

   On November 30, 2007 Al Yousuf LLC of Dubai made a $40 million investment in Altairnano which diluted the existing shares by a hefty 11%.  

    At Altair Nanotechnologies the bulk of the money is going to be used to expand the company's manufacturing capacity... Primarily that additional capacity will be concentrated on the manufacture of the large stationary batteries that the company has been developing through a partnership with Arlington, Va.-based independent power developer AES Corp.

       Al Yousuf Group Mission Statement

"Al Yousuf group is committed to exceed customers’ expectations by striving for continual improvement and delivering excellence in products & services supported by the best management practices and team of professionals, fulfilling the stakeholders’ aspirations and goals”

       Al Yousuf Group Goal

“To be 1 of the top 2 in every business we manage”  

Al Yousuf now owns Phoenix Motorcars. 

On April 25th, 2008 Al Yousuf LLC bought into ETI Tech, a battery related company.

Future Power Partner Prospects

    Other potential uses are outlined in patent (WO/2008/089457) METHODS FOR IMPROVING THE SAFETY OF LITHIUM ION BATTERIES wherein it states: "The methods and apparatus described herein include, in some variations,...

...a method of powering an electronic device...

...a measurement- while-drilling apparatus...

...a logging-while-drilling apparatus...
...a geocentric artificial satellite apparatus... aircraft apparatus..."

Altair Nanotechnologies is an "interested vendor" for a 1MW Ruggedized Micro Grid Power Distribution System.

    Battery use in "rail" transportation was was first mentioned in Q1 2007:  "We continue to explore several exciting product opportunities for our nanosafe battery products.  These include other sectors of the transportation industry, including heavy and medium duty trucks, rail, and marine applications." - Dr. Alan Gotcher, Q1  2007 conference call   More recent mention of trains as a targeted transportation market is found on page 7 of the slide show of the Pacific Growth Conference Webcast of 07-Oct-2007.  See the bottom of the Proterra partner page regarding the Hydrolly.

    Brief mention has also been made of "Secure Building UPS" for hospitals, municipalities and the DOD as have "Telecommunication Center Backups".   In addition backup and emergency power systems for telecom towers, data centers, fire & police stations, and catastrophic emergency response uses were cited at the ThinkEquity, Thinkgreen Conference, Dec. 5, 2007 on slide 14


Electric-Powered Dragster Sets New World Speed Record  On December 15th 2007 Altairnano batteries powered an electric dragster to beat the National Hot Rod Association World Speed Record for Electric Dragsters: Quarter Mile in 8.10 Seconds at 153.6 mph Photographs "Once again AltairNano will be supplying a pack to Team Current Eliminator. Cells are arriving before the end of the month. These Gen.2 cells have 25%+ more power. We set the record with a proof of concept cell.  The CE dragster has been gone through from one end to the other. Much has been learned since the 7.95 run in DEC. 07. I expect the dragster to run better than 7.51 in the qt. The car will be over 150 lbs lighter even with the BMS and Data collection system." - Dennis Berube, EVDL


Autovolantor – An Automobile That Can Occasionally Operate Above Traffic cites the possibility of using Altairnano batteries on page 11 and 12: 

Altairnano's 2008 Annual Report Presentation features an image of a Canberra garbage truck (along with a PG&E utility truck. Page 17).  The vehicle is a Hino Ranger. Hino is owned by Toyota.  Toyota has a binder patent featuring an Altairnano anode.  

A 2008 PHEV Prius with standard batteries replaced by a 7.3 kWh Lithium Ion Titanate battery from Altairnano. "This increases the useful battery capacity by a factor of about 15 and battery system weight by 185 lbs."  The conversion was performed by Energy Control Systems of Monrovia, CA

Tchamanzar Capital Group, LLC (TCG) lists Altairnano with 3 past-tense success stories among their Client Portfolio Case Studies.  "The partners were mandated in 2008 by Altairnano, a leading manufacturer of lithium titanate batteries for the defense, electric utility and transportation industries, based in Reno, Nevada. The partnership's mission was to approach large European car manufacturers like BMW, VW and Daimler to consider a partnership with Altairnano in three dimensions: (a) a significant equity investment into the company in order to become a new core shareholder, (b) the establishment of a bilateral technology partnership to advance the application of Altairnano's cells and batteries in upcoming hybrid and fully electric cars, trucks and buses, and (c) allow Altairnano to evolve into a preferred systems supplier of one of the mentioned vehicle manufacturers. As a secondary mission, Dr. Kastil was asked to support Altairnano in introducing their energy storage technology to major European electric utilities."

A 2009 document in a 2010 presentation (page 3) includes Amberjac Projects and Electric Traction Systems among their customers.

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